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re: ICC Heroic Mode Differences

Now that we have some Kingslayers in the guild, it's time to go over some of the differences between regular mode and heroic mode bosses in ICC. This walkthrough assumes knowledge of the regular can refresh yourself with the other walkthroughs.

Lord Marrowgar
- Spike damage is greatly increased
- Bonespikes appear during Bonestorm
- Coldflame lasts longer (tanks, left left left)

Lady Deathwhisper
- Twice as much life as regular
- Adds summoned during phase 2, need to be kited
- Spirits explode for AoE damage
- 1 MC during Phase 2

- Enemy ship has more health
- rockets have knockback
- Axe throwers get stronger if not killed

- Blood beasts can one shot non-tank
- Blood beasts cast slow on entire raid after 5 seconds
- Boss gains blood power much quicker
- Boss gains 20% health on death of mark

- PP throws mallable goo at raiders
- tank boss towards south end of room

- PP casts Vile Gas on random raiders
- 3 ppl out of melee range at all times
- Mutated Infection much stronger, dispel immediately
- Ooze flood slows raiders by 10% per second, AVOID

Professor Putricide
- Unbound Plague - Raider runs away from raid, cleanse or dispel quickly
- Transition - both adds summoned
- AVOID mallable goo and choking gas bombs at all cost

Blood Prince Council
- Shadow Prison does damage when you move, all raiders stay standing at 12 yard range from each other (except melee of course)
- Kinetic bombs drop faster, ranged assist with keeping them up without moving
- Glittering Sparks reduce speed by 40%, mass dispel for ESV
- Keleseth hits much harder, pure tank required

Blood Queen Lana'thel
- Boss gains stacking buff for each vampire in raid, each stack increases Shroud of Sorrow by 5%

- Frostbolt volley burns 2000 mana, interrupt
- Boss' health decays over time, more healing required
- Blistering Zombies run much faster
- Portals open in nightmare
- no announcement of portals
- players take damage while in nightmare
- orbs have DoT, do not respawn

- Instability does AoE damage
- Frost bomb damage is unsurvivable, LOS correctly or die

Lich King
- Shadow traps spawn in Phase 1 at raiders location, move to avoid
- Val'kyr HP tripled, drops raider at 50% and AoE's raid until killed
- Entire raid pulled into Frostmourne, avoid spirits falling from ceiling. Deaths give boss Harvested Soul buff, and it stacks.

Well, thats it, other than all bosses have more health, hit harder, yada yada yada. Hope yall find this helpful.
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